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Wisconsin Covenant Scholars
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Since early 2006, Wisconsin has offered high - achieving students the guarantee of getting a spot in Wisconsin's higher -education school system.

As Tiffany Tarrolly explains, this Wisconsin Covenant Scholars program is necessary for the future of the state.

Julianna Paulson is the second student at Superior High School to sign the Wisconsin Covenant.

"I decided to sign it because I think that it's only way that can help me and I think that others should sign it too because it can only be beneficial to them too," Julianna said.

"When they graduate or as they're approaching graduation and dreaming of what they'd like to do and where they want to go; We are saying to them there's a place for you in Wisconsin's system of higher education and we will make sure that if you have financial need that you will be able to meet the cost of tuition," said Barbara Lawton, Lietenant Governor of Wisconsin.

By signing the Wisconsin Covenant, students must complete preparatory college classes, graduate from a Wisconsin high school, and be in at least one extra-curricular activity, while maintaining a "B" average... which shouldn't be difficult for Julianna.

She's been an A student throughout her education... but the covenant is an incentive to remain that way.

"I know that I always have something pushing me to keep trying and something that if I do get good grades and I do try really hard that it will just always be there to help me," Julianna said.

"This is the smartest investment we can make in Wisconsin is to invest in our human capitol and to increase the number of people who are graduating with an associate and a bachelors degree and beyond our future as a state," said Lt. Governor Lawton.

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