• Disabled people finding employment opportunities

    MERRILL (MyFoxWausau) - Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch visited a Merrill convenience store Monday to help promote a new worker training program for people with disabilities.

    She saw how dedicated one of those workers is to his job at a Kwik Trip store.

    Mon, 03/31/2014

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  • Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch: Keeping our seniors in Wisconsin

    One of the great joys of life is growing old surrounded by those we love. Senior citizens, retirees, grandparents - those in life's wiser stages are a special part of our families and our communities. And we want them here in Wisconsin, leading active and integrated lives alongside our kids and working adults.

    Yet for too many seniors, high taxes drive them out of their homes and sometimes out of our state entirely. We all know "snowbirds" who head south to Florida or Texas or Arizona for the winter months, states that have lower taxes and higher temperatures. When seniors head elsewhere, they take with them their wisdom, experience, and energy. They also take their savings and investment capital, which helps grow jobs and companies in those states rather than in Wisconsin.

    Sun, 02/02/2014

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  • Rebecca Kleefisch: Tax reform topic of today’s discussion

    We are all familiar with Ben Franklin’s common wisdom that in this world nothing is certain except death and taxes.

    While that may be true, that doesn’t mean that taxes have to be too high, too burdensome or too confusing for taxpayers to understand and afford. That’s why I’m in La Crosse today to talk tax reform.

    Through our first three years in office, Gov. Scott Walker and the Legislature have cut taxes by more than $1.5 billion, and he just introduced a new plan to take that number to $2 billion in total tax relief.

    Under our plan, the typical family of four will see tax relief of $345 for the two years covered by the budget. Every income taxpayer in Wisconsin will see lower tax rates this April. And people in the middle class will see the greatest relief. That’s especially true for families, who also will benefit from a new deduction for school tuition and an increased deduction for child care.

    Tue, 01/28/2014

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  • Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch headlines ceremony for new Boys & Girls Club

    For Benita Hughes, the Boys & Girls Club of the Wisconsin Rapids Area's new Pitsch Center has been a blessing for her family.

    The mother of three says the van service that picks her children up from school and transports them to the center makes it possible for them to participate in the club because both she and her husband work full time.

    "Our family has been using the Boys & Girls Club for about two years now, and the club has been an excellent tool for our family," Hughes said. "I feel that the summer program here was an excellent tool for our kids. It gave them a head start when they went back to school

    Thu, 11/14/2013

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  • Puppies, Apple Pie and Manufacturing Jobs

    Nobody's not for jobs. Just like nobody's not for seniors; nobody's not for kids, puppies or apple pie. (Nobody's not for double negatives to make a point.) But when you are talking about jobs and start breaking them into industry sectors, some have surprising opponents. Behind closed doors, some folks are telling kids that manufacturing jobs are not good enough for them. We would like to change their minds.

    There are more than three million jobs nationally that go unfilled, partly because people don't have the skills employers need. The National Association of Manufacturers says 600,000 workers are needed to fill the gap in the manufacturing sector alone. We are working overtime to close this gap but part of this problem is caused by young people and displaced workers simply not picking manufacturing. We've heard lots of reasons why but some continue to alarm us: parents don't want their kids in jobs that they remember being shipped overseas.

    Fri, 11/08/2013

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