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  • Blueprint for Prosperity

    Governor Walker’s administration is committed to providing tax relief to Wisconsin’s families, farmers, seniors, and employers. Thanks to prudent fiscal management and a growing economy, Wisconsin had a $911 million projected surplus at the start of 2014.

    In his State of the State address, Governor Walker proposed giving the vast majority of that money back to the hard-working taxpayers who earned it. Called "The Blueprint for Prosperity", this plan provides $406 million in property tax relief and $100 million in income tax relief. It also updated the withholding tables, so Wisconsin taxpayers can keep more of the money that they earn in their own pockets. Ultimately, the average Wisconsin family in a median-value home will see over $680 in relief – money that they can budget for, money they can count on.

    Visit to learn more about Governor Walker's "Blueprint for Prosperity", and how the Walker adminstration is committed to moving Wisconsin forward. 

  • Open for Business

    For the Walker administration, "Wisconsin is open for business" is more than just a catch phrase. It is a driving principle for moving the state forward.

    As Wisconsin's jobs ambassador, Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch travels all over the state and the country selling Wisconsin – the educated and ethical workforce, below-average workers’ compensation costs, stable legal and regulatory environment, and improving tax climate. Wisconsin has a lot to offer companies looking to grow and succeed in the 21st century global marketplace.

    From her first day in office, the Lt. Governor has promoted Wisconsin to companies like Fat Wallet, which moved to Wisconsin after her phone call. In her role, she meets with economic consular officers from foreign nations, with site selectors considering whether to move here, and with small businesses looking to grow and expand in Wisconsin.

  • Investing in Workers

    Our people are our state's most valuable asset. The people of Wisconsin are good, honest, hard-working folks. They are among the most educated and ethical workforces in the world. But far too many Wisconsinites are separated from the family-supporting jobs they want by an ever-increasing skills gap. The Walker administration is bridging that divide by helping workers get the skills they need for the jobs they want. Included in those initiatives are significant increases in investments in workforce training, technical colleges, and K-12 STEM education. 

    In the 2013-15 budget, we increased state aid to technical colleges by $5 million. Also, the Walker administration funded program expansion in Wisconsin's highest-need fields. We’re also following through on recommendations from the College and Workforce Readiness Council to start students on academic and career plans. This individualized plan, developed and frequently revised by parents, teachers, and guidance counselors, will help ensure every child is on track to graduate with not only a diploma, but also a plan.

  • Honoring Our Heroes

    Though the Walker administration makes a point of thanking Wisconsin's finest, we can never say it often enough. Every day, Wisconsin’s sons and daughters step forward to defend the nation and her freedoms from those who would do her harm. They do so in a proud tradition that stretches back across the state’s history. From send-off ceremonies wishing departing troops godspeed to homecoming ceremonies upon their return, Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch represents all of Wisconsin when she expresses support for these troops and their loved ones.

    As the leading force behind Governor Walker's proclamation of 2012 as "The Year of the Veteran", Lt. Governor Kleefisch is equally committed to championing veterans. From the greatest generation to those returning home from the Global War on Terror, all veterans deserve honor and respect from their communities and state government. Since this initiative, Wisconsin has seen unemployment among members of the Air and Army National Guard drop from 10.1% to 5.1%.

  • Tax Reform Roundtables

    At the request of Governor Walker, Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch and Revenue Secretary Rick Chandler traveled Wisconsin listening to people from every industry, every region, and every walk of life, share their ideas on tax reform. All together, they held 23 Tax Reform Roundtables across the state hearing from everyday taxpayers on their thoughts and suggestions.

    "This [was] an outstanding opportunity for the hardworking taxpayers to voice their opinions and offer suggestions on Wisconsin’s tax climate," Governor Walker said. "I want to lower the overall tax burden every year I’m in office, and these Tax Reform Roundtables will start the conversation with the people of our state about their priorities for future tax reform."