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  • I'm Going To Japan...and Illinois

    Along with the governors of Iowa, Indiana, Michigan and Nebraska, I am headed to Japan for the Midwest US-Japan Association conference. Our Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation will be there, too, as we anticipate so many opportunities to sell our state that it will take more than just one salesman. Our team will also land in Taiwan for a couple of days to sell Wisconsin there, too.

    Thu, 09/10/2015

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  • Our Small Business Budget

    Anyone who sits down each month to look at a family checkbook knows one simple fact: budgets are about priorities. That may sound cliché, but that doesn’t make it any less true. As the Good Book says, “Where your treasure is, there your heart is also.”
    What’s true of family and business budgets is also true of government. Since all of us in state government spent the first six months of this year working on our budget for the next two years, now is a good time to ask that same question: what are the priorities?

    Wed, 09/09/2015

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  • I Found Wisconsin All Over China

    Perhaps you've had this same experience: You're traveling far from home and you spot a Green Bay Packers hat, a Badgers sweatshirt, or an "America's Dairyland" license plate. Seeing that slice of home instantly brings a smile to your face.

    Fri, 12/19/2014

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  • Good Tax Policy Starts With Listening To Taxpayers

    Many of you will remember those old words of wisdom from an earlier generation: “God gave you two ears and one mouth — use them in proportion.” That’s good guidance in life, but it’s especially sage advice for politicians, who seem to be the most frequent violators of the rule. Not only is it annoying for voters, but it doesn’t result in the best outcomes for the state, because in reality the best public policy is organic, natural, bottom-up.

    Mon, 12/15/2014

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  • Lt. Governor Kleefisch and Secretary Chandler Release Tax Reform Report

    Today, Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch and Revenue Secretary Rick Chandler released their “Report to the Governor” at the conclusion of their statewide, year-long tax reform roundtable tour.  The pair held 23 roundtables across the state and received feedback via  The ideas and perspectives they heard are collected in this new report, along with background information on taxation in Wisconsin.

    Tue, 12/09/2014

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